Steven Poole Auctioneer

I’m a freelance auctioneer with over 25 years experience both in live and online auctions selling a wide variety of items from cars, plant and machinery to items for charity, fine art, jewellery, Persian carpets, silver, watches and antiques. Currently based in Great Britain and the Middle East.

I’ve worked all over the World as an auctioneer, recently returning from a long term appointment in Abu Dhabi in the UAE as a fine art and antique auctioneer, encompassing public speaking, research and presenting.

Previously I presented and auctioned art on cruise ships in The Caribbean and South Pacific. I also conducted a high profile charity auction at the Armani Hotel situated at the base of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

I began my auction career selling cars for many years before exploring wider horizons including cars once again in Dubai, which progressed through personal recommendations and introductions. Plant and machinery along with writing an auctioneer training course to train new auctioneers.

An effective communicator at all levels with problem solving skills and well defined time management and prioritization. Networking abilities that will help your company achieve its goals. Active and potential clients will be impressed with my presentation and auctioneering skills allowing long lasting relationships to be formed.

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